Be devoted to one another in Brotherly Love. Honor one another above yourselves. Rm 12.10

Saturday, November 6, 2010

We ran into a number of new houseless people this weekend. There was a man named
Ed[pictured to the left], and it was only
his second day on the streets. He came from Baltimore hoping to get involved in the art/mural scene in Philly. The night before had been extremely cold, and he had nothing with him and no place to stay, so he went up to this woman named Janet, who had been sleeping on the subway grates for the heat. He asked her if he could get warm there for a minute, but her and her husband told him to stay the whole night, then she went on to even give him her coat. It was amazing to see just how genuine and loving these people can be to each other.

"I met Dan and he showed me what it means to be content in what ever situation you may be in. Praise God!!" -Ray H

"...I met someone named James. I asked how he was doing and he told me 'Everyday I wake up well. Life is worth living, some people don't even wake up in the morning.' That totally changed my perspective of things." -Heather M

"I didn't think that those without a home and on the streets would be so willing to have people talk and pray with them. Houseless people are usually looked down on and it was eye opening to just be able to talk and interact with them." -Paul G

"...I had never gone into Center City before with the intent of feeding the hungry- It was really neat because we were able to literally feed them with lunches we made and also with Christ's love for them. I am grateful I was able to be apart of encouraging people like Michael, Dora, and Alvan in Christ!" -Kate T

The 11.6 Team [minus 2]