Be devoted to one another in Brotherly Love. Honor one another above yourselves. Rm 12.10

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Best Birthday Ever?

Today, we were informed, is a man named Rudy's birthday. He mentioned it in past weeks, and we told him that we would bring a cake down to celebrate, but he clearly didn't think we were serious. Because when we arrived, singing, with a beautiful chocolate cake and candles, a suprised Rudy claimed, "I think this is the best birthday ever." People from all over Love Park were coming over to get cake and give their "Happy Birthday" wishes to him. We were also blessed by the Goshen Baptist youth group, as they provided us with over 150 hoagies to give out for lunch today. This is incredibly awesome because there wasn't enough money to actually buy food for the lunches this week. Oh how God provides.

"It was so beautiful to see someone who I have come to know as more than an acquaintance over the past few weeks, and to just see Rudy [man in picture to the top right with cake] so genuinely happy... You could just see it on his face, that he felt special, he felt loved. He didn't have any plans on his birthday, and nobody would have even said Happy Birthday to him. But this day, so many eyes were on him, and he just sat there and soaked it in. Its amazing what baking and bringing a cake to someone on their birthday can do for them." -Kristy F

The 6.26 Team

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